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Having trouble understanding Math Word Problems?

Hi, I'm Jerry Knoelke, former High School Math teacher. I hold a Masters in Mathematics and an MAT. I've seen many students, as well as other professionals, struggle with simple and complex Math problems throughout my career. That's why I came up with PRESS, a simple method to analyze, understand, and solve Math Word Problems. Through the use of PRESS, students, teachers, and parents can use a common methodology to approach math word problems so that they are simple and understandable. Today I'm offering a sample of my book, Math is Not Magic, as a starter kit to using PRESS in the classroom and at home. Please download your free copy below, then share your story with me of how PRESS helps you find success in solving your Math Word Problems.

Subscribe to receive a free Math Is Not Magic PRESS Method starter kit. This is the same tool educational systems like Saint Louis Public Schools use in their classrooms.

*PRESS isn't just a powerful tool to help individuals solve Math problems. It's also a powerful tool for creating intra-school communities. PRESS connects parents, teachers, and students to build communication channels and promote interaction.

What is PRESS?

  • PRESS is a universal framework to understand all four years of high school math.


  • PRESS gives direction to those who need help marrying their imaginations to math.


  • PRESS teaches you five simple pieces to make math easier to understand, and trains your imagination to help you see how the pieces connect.


  • PRESS helps you translate word problems into symbolic math, use math’s symbolic language to solve the questions, and remind you to translate your solution back to your spoken language.


Watch the video to learn more about my method, then download the starter kit above to begin using PRESS today.


Who is PRESS for?

The short answer is: PRESS is for everyone!


Students​ will be able to understand and solve math word problems easier.


Teachers will have a common language with which to teach students across all four years of high school math.


Parents will be reminded of the concepts of math and work with teachers to help students achieve success.


Administrators will be able to create a community of teachers, parents, and students around a common methodology.

PRESS can be used to solve word problems for the seven major branches of mathemathics:


  • Basic Algebra

  • Advanced Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Probability 

  • Statistics

  • Trigonometry

  • Calculus

What People Are Saying...

"The breakthrough method in this book teaches students not to depend on predefined formulas,
but to understand the problem from its roots, thus leading to the creation of a solution without
depending on a memorized set of formulas."


- Ethan Johnson, LitFire Publishing

"The greatest educators teach us *HOW* to think and not what to think. In his book, MATH IS NOT MAGIC, Jerry Knoelke not only teaches us *HOW* to think, but also enthusiastically encourages us to ask more and discover more as the independent thinkers he knows us to be! This book provides the tools that one needs to crack the code of this (now) anti-magical subject and it is for all ages and all students of different math levels! From now on,
I WILL be using *PRESS*!"


- Sarah Chuschcoff, Brazil


"I shared your book with my high school students and was amazed at what a difference your book has made in their enthusiasm towards algebra and calculus. Once reluctant students who were scared to approach trigonometry now are eager to solve the problems I have presented to them. You have taken the mystery out of math."


- Dr. Hamid R. Azimiaraghi, Stevens School for Academic Development

What are you waiting for?

Subscribe to receive a free Math Is Not Magic PRESS Method starter kit. This is the same tool educational systems like Saint Louis Public Schools use in their classrooms.

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