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Retired Math Teacher

To buy MATH IS NOT MAGIC, click here:


MATH IS NOT MAGIC defines Basic Math (Basic Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Calculus) as a five piece pattern with the acronym: PRESS 

 (Picture, Record labels, Equation, Substitute labels, Simplify) 

which helps students picture Math.  We want this because the mind thinks in pictures.  The book explains the five piece pattern, PRESS, and contains four detailed classic examples in each of the seven branches of Basic Math. The PRESS pattern will help you translate your Math word problems into solutions. 

Learn the conceptual method PRESS and conquer Math!


Math students will thank you for:





Jerry Knoelke has obtained his Masters in Mathematics and Masters in Teaching, served as the Lead Programmer in Business Research for one of America’s telecommunication giants, and experienced teaching High School Math courses to America’s youth.  Jerry Knoelke has helped many students, as well as other professionals, come to grips with understanding and teaching Math. 


Who needs MATH IS NOT MAGIC?  Anyone who wants and/or needs to learn to solve Math word problems with a simple five piece pattern.  Something as simple as a ceiling fan makes life more comfortable.  This book makes Math more comfortable.




Jerry Knoelke would start out each school year by asking his students to define Math.  Most had no concept of how to even describe Math.  They thought of Math as something “Magical”. PRESS provides the pattern to not just magically go from question to answer; PRESS helps a student see what to do one simple piece at a time.


Jerry Knoelke's students found that having the PRESS process to follow helped them keep focused better than just practicing problems that appeared to share no common method leading to a solution. 




Just imagine doing a child’s five piece jigsaw puzzle without seeing the pieces.  If all you had to work with were the words describing the pieces it would be a complex challenge.  But, if you see the pieces, it is just a simple child’s puzzle.  It is the same with Math word problems.  PRESS shows you how to make your Math word problem simplify to a child’s puzzle you can see for your mind to solve.




MATH IS NOT MAGIC received great reviews at the Title I Trade Show in Houston. 


Students need help to conquer abstract Math word problems.  Our students need the simple tool PRESS to learn Math. MATH IS NOT MAGIC shows students how to translate English into Math and then back into English.  Students will learn to communicate ideas.  Students will be able to conquer Math word problems!  The pattern, PRESS, as explained in MATH IS NOT MAGIC, is dedicated to this issue.  Contact Jerry Knoelke to give seminars at Professional Development meetings (please call) and he will explain how important it is to provide a path which is universal for teachers, students and their parents to share; a path all can focus on and share the details that will hold a student's attention.  Those who understand logic will be able to pinpoint the piece in the path where the average student needs help learning.  A student can ask for help in a specific piece in the PRESS process that both the student and teacher can focus on.                          MATH IS NOT MAGIC will give students this path and students can eliminate the blank stares you now see.  PRESS will explain the reasoning process an average student needs to acquire to analyze and solve a Math word problem.  This path is what has been missing in Math education systems and needs to be universally provided because the average student’s brain is not yet physically developed enough to build the path by itself (the average brain develops analytical thinking abilities in it's mid-twenties!).  Teachers, parents, and top students have physically mature brains that can help explain the thinking process to average students.  Teachers, parents, and top students need to be taught to provide and explain the path and not expect average students to build it on their own.  This is the key.  Please help Jerry Knoelke reach everyone and explain what is needed to improve a student’s schooling experience.  Also,  MATH IS NOT MAGIC is one Math primer students can carry through all their Math courses that not only unites them but provides examples of what each subject can accomplish. This will help students decide which course to take next.




Dr. Donna Knoell is an expert in Mathematics problem solving, concept development, and use of effective questioning to increase student achievement. She served as Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a Title I intervention program in New York City, greatly helping to increase student achievement.  Dr. Donna Knoell, an educational consultant and author with extensive experience training teachers in strategies to increase learning development, has included MATH IS NOT MAGIC in her presentations. 




PRESS will define Math universally.  Students will finally have a pattern to follow from one Math course to the next that they can hold onto that explains how to analyze word problems.  The mind thinks in pictures.  PRESS reminds students to translate word problems into pictures.  Give the students a universal pattern that their minds will comprehend.


The St. Louis Public School System is already using PRESS and Jerry Knoelke has just been invited to come to New York to explain PRESS.  Contact Jerry Knoelke for any information you need. 

                                Please join them and order now.




Everyone needs a better way to simplify and understand word problems.


MATH IS NOT MAGIC is the perfect book to supplement any Math textbook.  This reference manual/primer will guide you from reading Math word problems to solving them.  


MATH IS NOT MAGIC focuses on what the other books are missing. 


MATH IS NOT MAGIC provides the pieces that connect any Math concept with one universal pattern, PRESS, to follow that will not only show what to do to obtain one’s solution but help explain how to picture getting it.  Everyone needs to understand that the Mind thinks in pictures and not in words.  Teaching people to picture how to solve a problem will not only get them the answer but help them envision how they got it.




For high schools MATH IS NOT MAGIC can be obtained through Ingram, your school’s book distributor. 


All you have to provide Ingram is:


ISBN # 978-1-64133-133-3 (soft cover).


ISBN # 978-1-64133-132-6 (ebook).


The publisher is AuthorCentrix. 


Jerry Knoelke has kept the cost minimal at $7.99 (soft cover) & $2.99 (ebook) to reach as many as he can.  Also, remember Jerry Knoelke is available to come and give seminars and explain, personally, his experiences in the classroom of how PRESS is a success. 


Please call Jerry Knoelke at 636-384-3936.  Help our children.


To buy your own personal copy, use AMAZON or any local book store.


A minimal cost of $7.99 for softcover and $2.99 for an ebook.


Thank you for helping our youth learn Math.

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